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Fleurs de cerisier- retrouver l'harmonie avec l'hypnose

Hypnosis to reconnect with yourself and your abilities

Indications of hypnosis to regain your inner strength

  • Increase  your self-confidence

  • Stimulate your creativity

  • Reconnect with yourself when you feel lost 

  • Find the ability to assert yourself, and be aligned with your choices

  • Learn to say no to what is not suitable to you

  • Increase your ability to let go 

  • Free yourself from patterns that no longer suit you

Hypnosis sessions and other therapeutic methods offered

After working on themselves, clients often tell me that they feel more like themselves again, that things seem more obvious to them or that they have reconnected with a part of themselves that was not accessible anymore. It is like they come to the session with a toolbox to fill up and my job is to adapt the therapeutic tools and techniques for them so that they are useful to them and that they can take them with in their box.  

I offer different techniques including hypnosis, meditation, and self-hypnosis.

The sessions are adapted to each person, according to their objective as well as their desires and needs, in an efficient and natural way. 

If you would like more information or to make an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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