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  • Laura Tchernin

Three important points for choosing the right hypnotherapist

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Hypnotherapy is on the rise. Faced with the growing number of hypnosis specialists in Geneva and everywhere else, how to choose your hypnotherapist?

Path in the trees - choosing your hypnotherapist

Here are three key points to help you in your choice:

1. The therapist’s training and experience

Hypnosis is a tool that can be used in many and varied areas. What is the therapist's field of activity? Choose a specialist who has knowledge in the field of your objective. So if you want to work on your health, it will be an advantage to find someone who has, in addition to their hypnosis training, training in medicine and health. Also look at the therapist’s experience, to find out a little more about where they developed their skills.

The training followed for hypnosis is also important. Are they recognized by external organizations such as ASCA (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine)? These certifications are a guarantee of quality. Continuing training and the interest in acquiring new methods make it possible to continue to offer and adapt monitoring for each person.

2. The therapist’s approach

The results and success of therapy are directly proportional to the quality of the therapeutic relationship. For it to be optimal, the hypnotherapist must have good listening and non-judgment skills. And if he/she also welcomes you with a smile, that’s ideal!

He/she is there to help you move forward and provide you with new tools. It’s a two-person job, at your service, where you can work on yourself to find your own answers. This is the approach that I propose, some therapists might be more directional. There is the possibility for everyone to choose the hypnotherapist that suits them best!

3. Your feelings and your instinct

Do you feel comfortable with the therapist, their way to welcome you, their voice?

Two therapists with similar training and approach will provide different follow-up. Therapeutic techniques like hypnosis are based on the unconscious. What you feel is essential and must be taken into consideration.

Look at his/her website and what he/she communicates. If you wish, ask to speak on the phone to have initial contact. And don’t hesitate to try a first hypnosis session. The first session is useful for creating the therapeutic bond and allows you to see if it suits you and decide for the future.

Finally, there is not a perfect hypnotherapist for everyone, follow your path and trust yourself!

And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Laura Tchernin

Hypnotherapist based in Geneva


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