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Fleurs- Gestion du stress et hypnose

Hypnosis for stress and emotions management

Hypnosis sessions to reduce your stress

For people who sometimes feel overwhelmed by stress. For those who have physical reactions linked to stress that prevent them from feeling good or having access to their skills.

Those who want to prepare for an exam, a test or speak in front of a large group.

If everyday life is punctuated by anxiety, anguish or fears, and it is a good time to learn to calm the mind.

The theme of stress management comes up very often in consultation requests. Everyone can develop methods to regain their power, and calm their body and mind with effective and natural methods.

Why choose hypnosis to better manage your emotions?

Sometimes a strong emotion overwhelms you to the point that you no longer see anything else and you become that emotion.

To better manage anger, frustration, irritation or any other emotion.

No emotion is inherently bad. In managing emotions, we want to learn to reduce their intensity and listen to our needs while respecting ourselves and others, with effective and tailor-made techniques.

Managing stress and emotions can be learned!

You can learn to establish states of relaxation, calm and relaxation, as needed.

The sessions are uniquely costumized. I offer hypnosis, but also meditation and breathing exercises, with the possibility of learning self-hypnosis. This will depend on your desires, your preferences and your personality.


At each session you will learn additional tools adapted to you. And in just a few sessions, you will know how to better manage stress and emotions.

If you would like more information or to make an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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