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Arc-en-ciel, symbole de force dans l'hypnose thérapeutique

Turn your sensitivity into a strength with hypnosis

When high sensitivity is perceived as too much

High sensitivity is a skill and a gift. However, it is sometimes experienced by oneself, or seen by others, as being too much.

People with higher than average sensitivity (sometimes called "highly sensitive people" in the literature) have more intensity in their sensations and emotions. The waves become tsunamis.


This sometimes leads to suffering or a feeling of disconnection with those around us. From the outside, people do not always understand the intensity of the emotions and reactions. In these moments it's hard to believe that sensitivity is an asset and yet!

Sensitivity, hypnosis and other therapeutic methods

The majority of people coming to my practice have higher than average sensitivity. Sometimes the objective is linked to sensitivity and sometimes not. Every session will be adapted to it. 


In each sessions you will learn to manage all these stimuli of information and sensations in a natural and respectful way. Managing your sensitivity will allow you to feel more yourself, more free, and more serene. You will learn to come back to the present, to calm your mind and to no longer be automatically carried away by the tsunamis of emotions. Different therapeutic techniques are offered, such as hypnosis, meditation and self-hypnosis tools, according to desires and needs.

The sessions are adapted to your objective, and to you, your pace and uniqueness.

If you would like more information or to make an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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